Read the History of Our Motion Picture Production And Distribution Company

Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc. was founded in 1971 in Park City, Utah as a motion picture production and distribution company. Raylon Jensen founded the company with help from the Schick Razor Company.

Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc. specialized in family entertainment, as evidenced by its 1974 film, “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams,” starring Dan Haggerty, which led to three sequels and an NBC network television series. One of Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc.’s most popular feature films was Cujo, released in 1983. Based on the book by Stephen King, Cujo was a rabid St. Bernard dog that terrorized a family. Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc. plans to film a totally new story unlike the original version of Cujo but it will be even more terrorizing.

Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc. also produced documentaries, some of which were notable in their time. These include “The Outer Space Connection,” “In Search of Noah’s Ark,” “The Lincoln Conspiracy,” and “In Search of Historic Jesus.” One of Sunn’s most iconic documentaries was the 1976 production of “Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster.” The famous photo of Bigfoot in the wild (an image republished millions of times now) came from this movie. Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc. veterans have shared the inside joke that a basketball player was wearing the costume and was photographed just at the right angle to avoid seeing the zipper.

Ron Rogers and Randy Slaughter, two original veterans of Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc., nostalgically brought the company back in the year 2000. Then, in 2003, in an exchange of stock from a company that Lang Elliott controlled, transferred their ownership and profit participation in the worldwide rights to Grizzly Adams and other film assets into the newly structured Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc., now being a Wyoming corporation. Since the reformation in 2003, Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc. continues to receive quarterly profit participation from Paramount Pictures for Grizzly Adams’ and other films in the Sunn Classic film library. Because of the history with Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc., we are pleased to have Ron Rogers as a member of the board of directors.