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Services Offered

SUNN CLASSIC PICTURES produces and distributes film, television, cable, video/DVD and new media programming for audiences worldwide.

At Sunn Classic Pictures we have noticed a lack of quality scripts and stories being submitted for investors and/or produced in the film industry.

We have assembled a team of talented writers led by Dallas Jones through The Script Savant to provide extensive consulting services in basic editing, storyline suggestions, re-writes, and full script creation. We . . .

  • adapt stories and novels
  • analyze and critique screenplays
  • transform original concepts into professional screenplays
  • highlight strengths and weaknesses, providing line-by-line analysis
  • make formatting, typographical, grammatical, and storyline alterations
  • translate to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
  • develop marketing strategies for funding, promoting, investors, and distribution

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