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The History of Sunn Classic Pictures

SUNN was originally created in the late 1970’s for the purpose of producing and distributing family entertainment.

Successful from its conception, SUNN quickly became one of the major independent motion picture and television companies within our industry. During this same period, another independent family entertainment company, TriStar Pictures, Inc., was also flourishing. Ironically, two members of SUNN’s current management team, Mr. Rayland Jensen (a Senior V.P. and Director of the ‘original’ SUNN company) and Dr. Lang Elliott (original founder, President & CEO of TriStar Pictures, Inc., and its other TriStar subsidiaries), were at the helm of these two respected companies.

When the current management learned that the inactive SUNN CLASSIC PICTURES, INC. was for sale, management quickly prepared an offer and acquired the company and its many film and television assets, including the NBC Network Series entitled “GRIZZLY ADAMS.” Paramount Pictures has been distributing this series and SUNN has continued equity participation from any and all sales revenues related to “GRIZZLY ADAMS.” SUNN’s name is considered to be a valued asset as is the prior repetition and goodwill of the original SUNN CLASSIC PICTURES, INC.

SUNN’s re-entry into the motion picture and television industry, with its proven management team, is filling a void in the marketplace. SUNN has built a fully functional entity that is producing and distributing film, television, cable, video/DVD and new media programming for audiences worldwide. It is extremely important to the success of any Sunn’s feature films to have an adequate theatrical release in the United States, which in turn increases the value and sales revenue in all other mediums by a substantial amount.

While forming the strategy for the theatrical advertising campaign of a feature film, it is not always prudent to set the film for a national release, utilizing thousands of prints and spending millions of dollars in advertising costs. In some cases a more conservative approach is wiser. For example, if a film is booked in a few hundred theaters and limited to territories of a few markets, the initial ‘at risk’ costs are greatly reduced. This will give an indication of the film’s potential prior to committing larger expenditures of capital. When a film performs profitability, the company is much more inclined to spend more money. If the film does not perform as desired, it is licensed and/or sold to all other mediums including television, cable, video and DVD markets worldwide. With an ever-changing marketplace, SUNN understands the need for flexibility and innovative thinking. Additionally, the Internet is an up and coming form of viewing with Video On Demand. It is also an advertising resource that has become very effective.

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Among the films that Sunn released...

One of the most popular and profitable independent film studios of the 1970’s was Sunn Classics. They were also known as Schick Sunn Classics, part of the razor company.

Known for their speculative documentaries, they would use market research to create a film, go into a town and rent out theatres, saturate the market with advertising, and clean up at the box office. This process, known as “Four Walling”, was very successful for them. Orson Welles was especially interested in Sunn's way of doing business, visiting their studio to learn about it.

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The Prize Fighter The Long Shot The Billion Dollar Hobo

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Outer Space Connection Journey to the Center of the Earth Frontier Fremont

They Went That Away and That Away Journey to the Center of the Earth Cage 2

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