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Dr. Lang Elliott

Lang Elliott, Ph.D

Writer, Producer, Director, Distributor
President & Chairman Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc.

Lang Elliott, President & CEO of Sunn Classic Pictures and original founder of TriStar Pictures, is responsible for the Company's motion picture, television and distribution planning and operations as well as management of staff and corporate financing. Elliott, who has over 40 years of experience within the entertainment industry, received Academy Award nominations for "Soldier of Orange" and "The Magic of Lassie" starring Jimmy Stewart and Mickey Rooney. He has financed, produced and distributed over 150 motion pictures including some of his favorites being "The Prize Fighter" starring Tim Conway and Don Knotts and "The Longshot" with Academy Award Winning executive producer Mike Nichols ("The Graduate", "Working Girl", etc). Elliott also produced and directed the comedy classic entitled "The Private Eyes" starring Tim Conway and Don Knotts; and "Cage" as well as "Cage II" starring Lou Ferrigno and Reb Brown which built a billion dollar industry with the creation of televised Cage fighting. Some additional credits include "Dorf on Golf" and the "Dorf" home video series with Tim Conway; and a series for the Fox Television Network entitled "Boys Will Be Boys" starring Matthew Perry. Elliott is a Vietnam Veteran and has donated much of his time and money to help veterans by producing the annually televised awards production, "The American Veterans Award Show" (AVA) in conjunction with The Veterans Foundation, Inc. (VFI). In the early l970s Elliott was recruited by the F.B.I. to give agents cover to infiltrate criminal sources that had plans to assassinate President Richard M. Nixon. After an eight month investigation with agents posing as a film crew under the direction of Elliott, the plot was foiled and the criminals were apprehended. Lang Elliott has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Finance, a Master of Arts Degree in Finance and a Doctorate in Finance. Sunn Classic Pictures will be remaking their l983 box-office hit entitled "CUJO" and "PINOCCHIO IN THE HOOD". The novel and audio book will be in bookstores in 2015 and is being distributed over the Internet and in bookstores by Xulon Publishing. Sunn has also developed and written the screenplay. Sunn is currently considering the possibility of bringing back our successful NBC series entitled; "THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS." Still in television syndication and cable distribution world-wide, "GRIZZLY ADAMS" continues to entertain new generations.
John D. Warren, CFA

John D. Warren, CFA

Corporate Director

John D. Warren graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology. While at Georgia Tech Mr.Warren served twice as class president. He was a representative to the Tech Student Government and a delegate to the National Collegiate Student Government convention. He was inducted into the Ramblin Wreck Leadership Club as a sophomore and was inducted into the Kosime Honor Society, where he served as president. He received a B.S.I.M. Degree and was a member of the Dean’s Honor Roll his last two years of study. Upon graduation, he served as an officer in the US Navy after which he was employed by an international management-consulting firm for five years. He has been a financial consultant since 1976. He was a co-founder of Cornerstone Management Inc. and was the founder of Financial Advisory Consultants, a Registered Investment Advisor. Mr. Warren earned the prestigious Chartered Financial Analysts (“CFA”) designation in 1993.
Jerry Virnig

Mr. Jerry Virnig

Corporate Consultant

Mr. Jerry Virnig is a senior-level executive with over 39 years of management experience, and has distinguished himself as a proven leader in the areas of marketing and sales for large and midsize companies. Mr. Virnig offers guidance through years of technical and business experience and personal relationships worldwide through management, production and post-production on the technical side for film, video and DVD productions. From 1969 to 2000, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Consolidated Film Industries (CFI), one of the world’s largest motion picture and television laboratories, which processes film for the entertainment industry. His responsibilities included sales, growth, marketing and reporting to shareholders. Most recently, Jerry Virnig orchestrated the successful sale of CFI to Technicolor. With his involvement in SUNN CLASSIC PICTURES, INC., Mr. Virnig continues his industry education and leadership in developing and marketing new technologies related to motion pictures and television production and distribution.
Tim Conway

Mr. Tim Conway

Remembering Tim Conway with more smiles than tears….
We at Sunn Classic Pictures thank Tim for many years of joyfilled projects The Private Eyes, The Prizefighter, The Longshot, The Billion Dollar Hobo, and more....
R I P, sweet Dorf!!

Producer, Director Lang Elliott

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